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8 Hotels to Visit on the Sunset Strip

Pendry pool

If you’re visiting Los Angeles and want to stay on the Sunset Strip, you’re in for a wonderful vacation! Yet the bane of everyone’s existence in Los Angeles is the traffic, and getting anywhere can eat a large portion of time. How do you combat this? You could leave at distinct times to best avoid cars on the road, but if your primary point of contact is Sunset Boulevard, why not simply stay at one of the numerous hotels on the strip? There are a number of hotels to choose from, each with a unique personality and history. Here are 8 hotels on the sunset strip you should stay at during your Los Angeles vacation!

1 Hotel

The 1 Hotel in West Hollywood offers a number of amenities, like mind and movement classes with personal trainers at the Field House gym and test driving the Audi electric e-tron vehicle. Not only that, but a pool deck gives you some of the best views of the city – you can check out the horizon of Santa Monica to the west as it sweeps across to Downtown to the east.

Also, once a month, you can visit the lobby for a dark night. The lights go out, awareness of global brightening goes up, and the new moon is appreciated. Line your trip up with the lunar cycle to have a truly unique experience!


Andaz Hotel exterior
The exterior of the Andaz hotel. Photo by Hyatt Hotels on Flickr.

The Andaz hotel has had an extremely storied history ever since it opened in 1963. It hosted scores of famous celebrities and bands over the years, and many classic songs were written there. Not only that, but some of the most notorious events in rock and roll history occurred at the Andaz – notably, televisions being thrown from the windows. Those balconies have been converted into sunrooms from which hotel guests can look down on Sunset Boulevard.

If you want to experience a piece of history for yourself, the Andaz is the place for you.

Grafton on Sunset

The Grafton has recently been fully renovated, but all of the amenities that made it attractive are still present. It has the largest saltwater pool in the vicinity and rain showerheads in the rooms, wine hour and fine cocktails, dry cleaning and car services, and more.

One of the most alluring amenities, though, is related to pets. The Grafton has a dog park – and its rooms are pet-friendly. What’s more is that there are no additional fees charged for bringing pets. While other hotels may charge an extra cleaning fee or service fee, the Grafton welcomes all pets of guests, free of charge, because they consider them to be part of the family.


The Pendry is an upscale, sophisticated spot on the strip that is as appealing to look at as it is spectacular to stay at. The hotel routinely features seasonal events, like Thanksgiving dinner, Hanukkah celebrations, Christmas dining, New Year’s Eve parties, and more.

Perhaps most alluring about the Pendry is the dining experience. Merois and Ospero, two restaurants within the hotel, feature food and beverage concepts designed by legendary chef Wolfgang Puck. You’re certain to have a meal unlike any other if you choose the Pendry as your hotel of choice on Sunset!

Sunset Marquis

Yet another historic hotel on Sunset Boulevard, the Sunset Marquis boasts equally as many stories about celebrity fare, rock and roll legends, and Hollywood creations as any other getaway spot. It always seemed to be the epicenter of the music scene of the decade, whether for rock and roll and punk in the 1970s or metal in the 1980s, or even alternative in the 1990s. Today, many stars still frequent the hotel during their trips to Los Angeles.

The hotel is not reserved for celebrities, though. Guests can appreciate the same amenities and views as celebrities. For any pop culture and music history lovers, the Morrison Hotel Gallery is a must-visit.

The Sunset Tower Hotel

Sunset Tower hotel
The Sunset Tower Hotel at night. Photo by John Sequeira on Flickr.Pendry

The Sunset Tower Hotel was designed in 1929 and has been considered a Hollywood landmark for some time. As with many hotels in the area, celebrities were drawn to the allure of the tower and its amenities meant for revelry and relaxation alike.

Since the new millennium, Sunset Tower has undergone some renovations, and it’s now one of the most elegant hotels on the strip. It is not filled with the glitz and glam that one would expect, but has a subtle atmosphere and matter-of-fact design. It still retains its classic character and draw, though, and is the perfect place for a getaway on the strip.

The Mondrian

The Mondrian, like many other hotels, features a large pool that overlooks Los Angeles. This is the quintessential sight, it seems, of many rooftop hotels of West Hollywood. There are more amenities than just a pool, though.

The Mondrian offers a luxury Lincoln Town Car for transportation around the town, a complete spa experience (whether in the spa itself or in your hotel room), a large fitness center, and more.

The West Hollywood EDITION

Not every hotel on Sunset Boulevard has to be a focal point for celebrities and rock stars. The West Hollywood EDITION is the perfect example of a classy hotel with personalized service that can accommodate all sorts of guests and visitors. It has a signature restaurant, 24-hour fitness center, rooftop pool and bar, and more.

Sometimes, there’s beauty in simplicity, and the West Hollywood EDITION nails that concept perfectly.

Where to Stay on the Sunset Strip?

Sunset Plaza is proud to be home to so many iconic and legendary hotels, restaurants, bars, and venues. For decades, it’s been the prime location for celebrities, musicians, artists, and more to gather, create, revel, and enjoy life. Fans and visitors together have always made sure to visit Sunset Plaza and stay somewhere that caters to their needs.

If you’re booking a vacation to Los Angeles and want to stay in one of the most historic parts of town, one of the Sunset Strip hotels is the place to go.

So, where will you be visiting?

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