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A Day in the Life of a Sunset Plaza Shopper


Getting a Boost

A lot of shopping may happen online nowadays, but Sunset Plaza knows how to keep its shoppers dedicated to the in-person shopping spree everyone needs from time to time. Shopping in person at a place with such diverse offerings isn’t just about buying new things; it is about having an experience that can’t be achieved sitting in front of a computer or phone. Sunset Plaza’s shopping sprees have outlasted pandemics and online shopping because its stores are a step above the rest of LA’s typical offerings, its restaurants offer a variety of food from the United States and abroad, and its services are a blissful journey into self-care.

Starting off a shopping day is a pleasure at Sunset Plaza, especially if you feel like having a bit of brunch for a boost. The Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker is a good place to begin your shopping day, with a mix of traditional offerings and a bit of a twist on them too. Probably the centerpiece of the little cafe’s menu is their Colorburst Latte, a specialized drink that features a beautiful piece of food art on top of the traditional latte. However, you can also sit down for many different types of salads and omelets, and fruit drinks that veer on the healthful side.

Freshening Up

Have you ever felt like your hair just needs a quick clean or style, without the full dye job and cut? The Dry Bar is just the place to get your hair looking better than usual without having to commit to any huge changes.

Styling and shampooing are the Dry Bar’s specialty, and the salon is equipped for a variety of events. The staff is highly skilled in their craft, and they can do hairstyles fit for red carpets and weddings. However, if you just want a simple shampoo and blow dry, then the salon’s friendly staff are ready to give you the best do for the day. This is a proper place for the daily Sunset Plaza shopper, after all.

Even though the business is popular enough to require appointments rather than walk-ins, the Dry Bar is flexible with scheduling and will be able to accommodate their clients as much as possible. As long as you are able to book your appointment, the staff will be happy to have you in for whatever your needs might be.

Sunset Plaza Salon is the place to stop for a more in-depth dye job. If you want to do a little shopping and a lot of self-care, then this salon is the way to go. Come alone for a one-on-one session with one of its skilled hair stylists and they will give you the best advice possible for what works for your particular head of hair. Or, if you want to bring a group of friends and have it be a day of starting a new look out and showing it off to your circle, then the Sunset Plaza Salon is happy to be the right place for that.

Dressing For Success

If you need style that evokes the elegance of the runway with the daring of Los Angeles street fashion, then Sunset Plaza has stores that will fit you to a T. One of them, Zadig and Voltaire, lives up to the luster of its name.

Zadig and Voltaire is French in origin, much like many of its high-end fashion counterparts. However, a la Vivienne Westwood, it takes its influences from rock and roll, combining the styles of movements in the creative world with high-end sensibilities. This two-punch approach to fashion makes Zadig and Voltaire a fit for any style lover’s tastes, and they evolve even more as time goes by.

Another wonderful place to get enmeshed in the style world is Sheila On Sunset, which has been part of Sunset Plaza since 2018. Founded by a former aeronautics sales executive Sheila Speer, the store was originally a treasure off Melrose before Sunset Plaza proudly welcomed Sheila.

When you and your shopping pals walk into Sheila On Sunset, there will be drinks and snacks near the entrance for you to nibble on while you look around the store. Thankfully, Sheila and her staff know the value of letting customers browse in peace when they need it, or getting their customers styled when they need a bit of help.

Dinner Is Served

When the day is nearing its end and you feel like you need to wind down a bit, Sunset Plaza has plenty of restaurants to please even the pickiest eaters. Probably the best part of eating at Sunset Plaza is the continuing diversity of our food options, covering cuisine from all across the globe.

One of Sunset Plaza’s treasures is Bossa Nova, which specializes in Brazilian dishes. Its bakery serves empadao de frango alongside cupcakes, making the restaurant a fun family experience if you need to bring your children along. However, if you just want a few drinks with your friends after a day full of shopping, then Bossa Nova’s full bar will do the trick. Any of the fruit-based drinks at the bar are organic without all the added sugars, making the restaurant a health-conscious alternative to the greasy spoon options elsewhere.

Anyone who wants a bit of Asian cuisine can mosey over to Sushiya on Sunset, something Sunset Plaza has a lot of pride for as one of the best sushi joints in Los Angeles. It also has some American dishes available if you and your party want a variety.

Taking It All In

Sunset Plaza is tailor-made for anyone who wants a Los Angeles shopping experience. It has beautiful clothes, excellent food, and places to pamper yourself when you get tired. Treating yourself to a day at Sunset Plaza gives you all the best of Los Angeles and West Hollywood: a beautiful, safe neighborhood to explore, a way to give yourself a food boost throughout your time there, and the latest fashions that have evolved from high-end and DIY-style trends.

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