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A Note from Blushington’s Founder Stephi Maron

My name is Stephi Maron and from the age of 3, I have loved and worn makeup. Seeking confidence in myself, I tried and tried different looks. Sometimes it worked. Sometimes it did not. Some of you reading this can probably share similar stories of excitement and disappointment where blush was too bright or makeup applications at the mall made you feel anything but pretty. Over the years these experiences stayed with me.

In 2010, my entire family was in LA for a special event and we were getting pampered with perfect blowouts. It was at this moment I said, “Why isn’t there a place to have our makeup done?” A pretty place that is fun and playful with expert artistry. An inviting place you go to experience professional makeup applications that help to build confidence. This was my eureka moment!

“Feeling Pretty is Priceless!”

I created Blushington with the help of my family; a fun, safe, pretty place to discover makeup, to have an expert application that would make you feel pretty in a space where friends and family can come together to beautify while building memories.

It took over 12 months to find the right space, the right products and the right team. The mission was to create the prettiest place to get pretty with the kindest and most expert artists. On December 10, 2011, the first Blushington Makeup & Beauty Lounge opened in West Hollywood, CA, where “Feeling Pretty is Priceless”.

Fast forward to 2016. Blushington has expanded to Dallas (December 2012), New York City (August 2015) Topanga, CA (September 2015) and plans to open a second NYC location on the Upper East Side (November 2016).

In five short years, we have firmly established Blushington as the destination of choice for the highest quality professional makeup applications in a trusted and beautiful environment.


Republished with permission.

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