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Bossa Nova – Brazilian Cuisine at Sunset Plaza

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Traditionally, Sunset Plaza has always been home to some of the best restaurants in West Hollywood, if not Los Angeles. Its storied history has made it a prime destination where eager restaurant owners can expand their businesses and where talented chefs can showcase their skills in the kitchen. One such restaurant that graces the strip is Bossa Nova, a location featuring Brazilian cuisine.

Bossa Nova – All Around Los Angeles

The success of Bossa Nova is evidenced by the number of locations in Los Angeles. From the West Side to South Bay to Hollywood and West Hollywood, the restaurant tailors itself to the needs of the community. Because of the bustling nightlife present around Hollywood, for example, the location stays open well past 3:00 a.m. To take advantage of the foot traffic and tourists who walk the Sunset Trip, the West Hollywood location offers a robust outdoor dining patio in addition to its interior seating.

Located at 8630 Sunset Boulevard, Bossa Nova commands respect from the very first time you lay eyes on the building. Its black awning is stylish, and the dining tables are dotted with potted plants to brighten the scenery even more.

Brazilian Cuisine

Bossa Nova’s Brazilian cuisine has been the talk of the town since the business’s first location opened in 1993. The menu is extremely diverse and its variety makes certain that there will be something for everyone. From vegetarian and vegan options for the non-meat-eaters to hot and spicy dishes for the more daring connoisseurs of heat, the restaurant takes care to satisfy everyone’s needs (not to mention a kids’ menu for the youngsters and catering options for large parties or events!).

Not only does the restaurant have a large menu, but it also sells various Brazilian products. Some of the products include chocolates (Bis Lacta, Bombom Garoto, Chokito, Diamente Negro, Prestigio, Suflair, and more), guava pastes (Goiabada Predilecta and Goiabada Predilecta Lata), coffee (Café Pilão Extra Forte and Café Pilão Extra Forte Tradicional), and much more.

What, exactly, makes the cuisine at Bossa Nova such an attraction? Let’s look at what they offer.

Salads and Appetizers

bossa nova appetizer
It looks as good as it tastes!

As with any meal, the start is important, and Bossa Nova popular appetizers are only a small portion of the menu. Their coxinhas are, of course, loved, as the delicacy is a well-known appetizer all around. They consist of chicken and cheese wrapped in dough and deep-fried in oil. They also serve camarão a brasileira, or charbroiled shrimp with Brazilian herbs and spices.

To fit the California culture, they also have staples like avocado toast – but with a noticeable twist of chimichurri sauce.

Of course, if you want something lighter, you can choose any of their salads, including their own Bossa salad, specially made with roasted almonds.

Main Courses

bossa nova piza
Want unique Brazilian pizza? Look no further!

The main course menu at Bossa Nova is extensive – you can get anything from pasta dishes (we recommend the Sunset pasta, obviously…) to pizza (a Portuguesa pizza is a nice Brazilian spin on the classic Italian meal). Want a sandwich? You’ll still get filled up with something like the Bossa banh mi, which again takes a cultural staple and mixes it with a Brazilian flavor palate. That’s not to mention the bowls – packed to the brim – and the burgers – described on the menu simply as “huge!”

Desserts and Baked Goods

Once you’ve finished your meal, there’s no better way to cap it off than with dessert. The bakery at Bossa Nova offers a number of sweets, including an original Brazilian recipe for cupcakes, slices of chocolate cake, brigadeiro (bite-sized, sprinkle-topped balls of milk and cocoa), pão de mel (honey bread covered in chocolate), and more.

Your belly and sweet tooth will both love you once you’re finished!


If you simply want to enjoy the full bar at Bossa Nova, you can have any of their beers, wines, and spirits. They stock craft beer from America and import beer from all over, including Scotland, Belgium, Germany, and France. They also, of course, have a few Brazilian beer options – Palma Louca Lager, Xingu Black Beer, and Sul Americana. The wine menu is populated with French wines (whites, reds, sparkling, and more).

But what stands out are the specialty cocktails! The Bossa Nova Ponche is a sangria, while Emilia’s ponche is the white version. The caipirinha is a Brazilian national cocktail made with Italian dry vermouth. Of course, simple margaritas and mimosas are also an option. Ask the bartender what’s delicious (as if they could select only one) if you’re unsure about what to order!

Of course, you can also enjoy any of their other drinks with your meal. They offer cappuccinos, Brazilian coffee, espresso, Guaraná Brazilia, Arnold Palmers, coconut water, soda, and much, much more.

In sum, the entire menu can be described with one word: options.

Awards for Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova has garnered a number of awards over the years and has been recognized by Yelp, Google, Trip Advisor, The Talk Awards, Zomato, Urban Spoon, and more. Some of their awards include:

  • Excellence in Customer Satisfaction (8 times)
  • Best Brazilian Cuisine in Los Angeles  (7 times)
  • Best Latin Food (3 times)

In addition, they’ve garnered the Traveler’s Choice award, won the Best Sandwiches award, acquired a Certificate of Excellence, won Best Late Night Food, and even topped the list of the Best Restaurants in Los Angeles.

With the number of reviews, the score of awards, and the listings in magazines and publications, it’s no wonder each Bossa Nova location is visited by hundreds of customers each day. And the Sunset Plaza location is no exception – an hour will hardly pass without seeing the patio fully populated!

Visit Bossa Nova Today at Sunset Plaza

If you’re taking a trip to Sunset Plaza, there are a number of boutiques to visit and restaurants to try. Bossa Nova can absolutely be on the top of your list if you’re looking for what’s regarded as the best Brazilian food in Los Angeles! Make your trip to Sunset Plaza a memorable one – enjoy the skyline and the sights while eating at some of the finest restaurants in Los Angeles!

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