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Fun Facts About the City of Los Angeles


As someone accurately put it, in Los Angeles, you can live the city life and feel like you’re on vacation all at once. Although it is well renowned for being the center of the entertainment industry in the US, it is also a very sought-after vacation spot for travelers from all over the world. Knowing some facts about the destination is crucial before traveling. The following are some fun facts about Los Angeles!

  • Laws out of this world

In LA, you’ll find all kinds of peculiar laws that you won’t find anywhere else. For instance, you will be arrested if you are found licking a toad in Los Angeles. Although we’re not really clear why, it’s probably best to leave this alone. Two new-borns cannot be bathed simultaneously in the same bathtub in Los Angeles, which is one of the strangest laws in the country. How will they find out? Additionally, you will be in trouble with the law if you are seen herding more than 2,000 sheep along Hollywood Boulevard. Who is keeping count?

  • When it rains, it pours!

A gauge in San Gabriel collected about one inch of water in less than a minute in April 1926. In February 1978, there was about a foot of rain in a single day. It doesn’t just drizzle in LA when it rains; it pours! The majority of the rain in Los Angeles falls between early and mid-spring, as well as during the winter. The wettest month on average is February, with severe rainfall typical in November.

  • A city of cars!

Los Angeles is among the world’s busiest cities, with more cars than people. The city is teeming with automotive and motor enthusiasts, and it is stated that the city has much more vehicles than inhabitants. There are more than 600,000 automobiles in the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

  • Goats have jobs here.

If you visit the museum in the spring, don’t be shocked to see a scene of pastoral grazing. During the spring season, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles hires goats to maintain their grounds and lawns. Almost 60 goats are hired, together with their two dogs and shepherd, and you can observe them chewing the green grass throughout the day. The use of goats to maintain the lawn saves electricity and reduces waste.

  • Home to secret tunnels

There are secret tunnels in Los Angeles. From Spring and Temple Streets to Grand Avenue and First Street, there is a subterranean maze of tunnels. Some are disused subway underpasses, while the remainder date back to the Prohibition era, when they were used to carry whiskey.

  • Home to solar-powered Ferris wheel

Los Angeles is home to the world’s only solar-powered Ferris wheel. The Pacific Wheel is located at Pacific Park. From a height of about 130 feet, the Ferris wheel provides a panoramic perspective. The wheel is 85 feet long and revolves at a rate of 2.5 revolutions per minute, with stops in between. Its 660 solar panels power it. So, it’s both entertaining and environmentally friendly.

You see now! These are some amazing Los Angeles facts. When you visit, you will be happy to learn more about the city. As you go throughout Los Angeles, don’t forget to stop at Sunset Plaza for a terrific shopping experience. You’ll be able to shop until you drop here!