8623 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Making Coffee Art


The Artful Drinker

We’ve all heard the old cliche: we eat with our eyes. What we hear less often is that we drink with our eyes too. More effort than ever gets put into creating drink art with complex tools or from scratch, and at Sunset Plaza, the Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker has taken latte art to a new level, with foam that would make the likes of Picasso and Frida Kahlo proud. There are plenty of tasty coffee shops in West Hollywood and Los Angeles, but few reach the visual appeal of the lattes available at a thriving coffee and brunch spot nestled in a classic shopping center.

One Step Up

Pretty much every Angeleno who hasn’t been living under a rock since the 1990s has been to Starbucks or Coffee Bean. Both outlets are efficient and popular, and they sell solid standbys of the average morning diet for most Americans. However, if someone wants a high-quality drink with visual appeal, then the Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker is the best place to get to the next level of the morning drink experience.

Making specialty drinks just isn’t a huge priority at standard coffee shops like Starbucks. Particularly in a city as large as Los Angeles, the baristas are inundated with orders that need to be filled quickly for busy people trying to get to their offices or schools. With the Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker, getting drinks made with more art and care is the norm. Given the cafe’s dedication to quality in all of their menu options, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise.

A Burst of Color

The drink in question is the Hand Painted BBCM Colorburst Latte, made from whole milk to perfection. It includes a design on top of the foam surface, spread out across the cup. Each barista makes it with care and precision, starting over if any lines are even a little out of place. Each one is also time-sensitive, due to the tendency for milky foam to deflate quickly, and the baristas work extra hard to prepare them within the right time frame. The Colorburst Latte is popular and a delight for all customers at the Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker.

Let’s Get Personal

Do you have a special event in your life, or are you planning a surprise for a loved one? The Personalized Colorburst Art Latte would be the perfect gift with which to surprise anyone or treat yourself for a personal care day. Thanks to the baristas at the Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker, you can literally have your personality written all over your morning coffee.

If you want letters or pictures worked into your Colorburst Latte, then the baristas at BBCM’s Sunset Plaza location are perfectly prepared to make your dreams come true. If you’re able to make a reservation before you patron BBCM Sunset Plaza, then telling the restaurant in advance that you’ll be surprising someone with a specialized drink might help them keep your secret under wraps.

If you want your personalized latte to look as much like the picture you have in your mind, then be sure to have specific instructions for the staff or a picture, and they’ll do their best to make it as accurate as possible.

The Big Why

If you’ve seen an uptick in restaurants trying to make their drinks visually appealing, then you’ve already noticed the impact that social media is having on Los Angeles restaurant culture and around the world. With the easing of Covid restrictions, eateries and coffee houses have been allowed to display their wares in person again, and according to research, social media plays a large role in why drinks and food look nicer than ever when they arrive at the table.

If you follow Sunset Plaza and BBCM on Instagram, you’ll be able to see the items that are enticing their customers daily. You will also be participating in the broader culture of restaurants now, with a social media world that allows patrons to display the expertly-made drinks and dishes that make dining out worthwhile.

The Colorburst Latte is probably the most social-media friendly item on BBCM’s menu, and with good reason. It is, in our humble opinion, the most visually appealing of the drinks, and since Sunset Plaza fully embraces social media, it has been used on the restaurant’s Instagram account with pride. BBCM and Sunset Plaza both embrace the power of social media and culinary visual appeal as a way to draw in and please their customers, and they welcome all efforts to share images of the Colorburst Latte and spread the word around.

A Bit on the Side

The Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker uses organic ingredients grown locally, eliminating many of the toxic and sugary add-ons that come in many other coffee and breakfast restaurants. But the best part of the establishment is not its freshness; it’s the ability to mix Californian cuisine with a European flair that’s missing in standby coffee outlets.

Firstly, there is the brunch menu that lasts all day and goes perfectly with any specialized latte. If your tastes run to omelets, then BBCM has a mouthwatering selection. BBCM has also embraced incoming popular breakfast options, and avocado toast has a proud spot on the menu alongside more traditional breakfast treats. At Sunset Plaza and BBCM, all ages and tastes are embraced, and customers’ newer and older preferences are given equal weight.

Milk It Anytime

As one of West Hollywood’s most popular brunch spots, BBCM is often very busy, and that’s why it gives patrons the option of reserving a table in advance if they want to make sure they get one of the Colorburst Lattes. BBCM cares enough about its culinary art and customers to give themselves as much preparation as possible for larger crowds, and they’re always ready to welcome new patrons. Click here to get a reservation, and prepare to taste the most beautiful latte you’ve ever seen.

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