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Meet Jessica Vartoughian, the First Lady of Nails

Jessica Vartoughian, the appointed “First Lady of Nails,” by the New York Times, is the leading natural nail care specialist to Hollywood’s A-list and insiders. For the past three decades, Jessica’s keen understanding of varying nail conditions and types has revolutionized the industry and altered the way in which manicures are offered.

Jessica’s story begins in Romania, where she was raised alongside her siblings by Armenian parents; Jessica immigrated to the United States in 1962 bringing with her a traditional European education in caring for hands, feet and nails. It was this knowledge that would end up assisting her landing a job as a manicurist in a Beverly Hills department store salon and ultimately would become the beginning to the epitome of achieving the “American Dream.”

At the height of “I Love Lucy” fame, Lucille Ball stopped in the salon one day and had Jessica do her nails; this was just the break she needed. It was on this day Jessica gave what she fondly recalls as “the audition of her life” as she provided her “signature manicure” resulting in impeccable work that impressed Lucille so much, she brought some of her celebrity friends back to see Jessica the very next day.
Over the years, Jessica continued to build a loyal, high-caliber clientele that included the likes of Nancy and Ronald Reagan among others. It was thanks to such a prosperous career that allowed Jessica to open the country’s “first nails-only salon.”

It was in the Jessica Nail Clinic, (located on Hollywood’s famous Sunset Boulevard in 1969 ) that the Natural Nail Innovation was born. Offering revolutionary, healthy alternatives to traditional nail care, the Jessica Nail Clinic quickly became one of the most popular salons in Los Angeles, frequented by celebrities, industry executives, trendsetters and devoted beauty gurus which still rings true today.

Jessica’s unique nail care philosophy is the basis behind each product offered today, in her extensive line, JESSICA® Cosmetics; designed to meet the specific needs of each nail type. Today, Jessica is the Founder & CEO of JESSICA Cosmetics International, Inc. – a global company distributed in over 60 countries and offered in the most exclusive spas and salons. Custom formulations were designed and made available by Jessica to improve the condition and enhance the beauty of the natural nail; allowing for a beautiful foundation to adorn in any of the 200+ custom nail colors JESSICA offers (all Custom Colors are eco-friendly, toluene-, DBP-, and formaldehyde-free).

JESSICA has expanded into an extensive and un-paralleled, state-of-the-art line of products that covers all nail needs from healing and treatment to pampering and beautifying, for the healthiest and stunning nails. The compilation of products includes Custom Basics, Essentials, Correctives, ZenSpa Pedicure, Hand & Body Care, GELeration and her new innovation Phenom.

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