8623 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

Meet Samira Sizdahkhani, Founder and Designer of Samira 13 Jewelry

Founder and designer of Samira 13, Samira Sizdahkhani, continually aims to stretch creative boundaries while maintaining the signature aesthetics of immediate wearability and handmade gracefulness in her jewelry. Born into a fashion family, Samira started designing at age 12 in the workshop, her mother’s famed D.C. fashion mecca, Tabandeh. After completing university, Samira worked as a fashion stylist in L.A. for a brief stint until she became inspired with an obsession with Tahitian South Sea pearls.

This ultra-rare black pearl has mythical significance in many cultures; it has long represented fertility and life cycles, and in ancient texts, it symbolized a universal guiding spirit on the path toward individual enlightenment. She became fascinated with the mythical significance of the Tahitian Black Pearl, along with harnessing elements of primitivism, tribal cultures, monasticism, and dreams of ancient Persian nomadic treks.

She launched her fashion jewelry line in 2008. Her freestanding boutique is located in Sunset Plaza, West Hollywood where you can browse her art the strives to strike a perfect balance between casual and formal.

Her jewelry has caught the eye of some of Hollywood’s leading ladies with celebrities such as Kate Beckinsale, Amanda Righetti, Christina Ricci and the singer Christina Perri turning up in her stunning pieces on the red carpet. Samira 13 Jewelry is available at Barney’s New York, L’Eclaireur, Luisa Via Roma and many other fine boutiques around the world.

Stop by Samira 13 Jewelry at Sunset Plaza for an experience in the consistent dance of equilibrium, virtue and harmony in mélange!

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