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New Tenant Coming to Sunset Plaza: Sargon Dental

Sargon Dental

Sunset Plaza is welcoming a new tenant after the New Year: welcome, Sargon Dental! With three locations in Los Angeles and Utah, Sargon Dental at Sunset Plaza is the new high-quality dental office focused on full-mouth reconstructions,  implementing the Ultratooth technique, which was invented and designed by Dr. Sargon Lazarof.

Sargon DentalMeet Dr. Sargon Lazarof

Dr. Lazarof is a graduate of Hollywood High School, Los Angeles City College and the University of Southern California. After completing his undergraduate, Dr. Lazarof went to USC’s School of Dentistry and graduated as a Doctor of Dental Surgery with Honors in 1986.

In 1996, he became a clinical professor at USC before opening his first practice in Beverly Hills. He then opened the Sargon Dental & Implant Institute in Encino where doctors can train in basic and advanced implantology.

During this time, Dr. Lazarof invented the Ultratooth Immediate Tooth Replacement System. Ultratooth is the only FDA-approved patented technique where a dentist can replace a tooth within an hour. Though there are advertisements for teeth replacement that take place in one day, Ultratooth is the only technique that does it in an hour.

“Those are dentures that are basically screwed on, and it takes months for them to heal,” Dr. Lazarof said. “The only tooth that is actually FDA-approved is Ultratooth.”

Dr. Lazarof also began televising his procedures so patients and other dentists could watch and learn. He would undergo full-mouth reconstructions in a matter of hours and highlight his Ultratooth technique, too.

Coming to Sunset Plaza

After buying a house in West Hollywood and frequenting Le Petit Four, Dr. Lazarof noticed a beautiful building across the street that was vacant. Complete with see-through concrete, LED lights and high ceilings that give the illusion that it’s a two-story building, Dr. Lazarof was captivated.

“It’s a very special space,” Dr. Lazarof said.

Dr. Lazarof made some inquiries with his friends and learned that the owners wanted a special tenant in the 2,200 square-foot building. He met with the owners and everyone agreed he would be the perfect tenant since his intended dental office would be extraordinary.

Sargon Dental on Sunset Plaza

Unlike his Encino practice which does everyday dental procedures, Dr. Lazarof intends to use his new Sargon Dental space as a flagship for televising major full-mouth reconstructions, cosmetic cases and his Ultratooth technique.

Although over 230 dentist offices throughout the U.S. are certified and trained in the Ultratooth technique, many patients prefer having the original inventor complete the procedure.

“For patients that are interested in the inventor of the procedure to do their work, this is for them,” Dr. Lazarof said.

Dr. Lazarof is planning on only taking one patient in the morning and one patient in the afternoon at his new office. The new office will feature surgery rooms in a theater-like design that are ideal for televising his procedures.

“This office is specifically built for that purpose,” Dr. Lazarof said. “It is not a regular dental office where we are going to be seeing a lot of patients where they come in for a check-up and fillings and things like that.”

Cosmetic Cases

Sargon Dental’s procedures don’t stop there.

Dr. Lazarof also helps clients with facial cosmetics, including improving the entire face.

“I have a specialist that does fillers, Botox and certain treatments for the face and the lips,” Dr. Lazarof said. “For me, the teeth are the painting, and then the lips and everything are the frame.”

Opening Date and COVID-19

While waiting for the necessary permits, Sargon Dental is undergoing construction and working on a grand opening date. Dr. Lazarof hopes to open by the beginning of the year if everything goes smoothly.

As for COVID-19, Dr. Lazarof is screening all patients before they enter and following the necessary protocols to keep his staff and clients safe. He intends to duplicate these practices at the new office.

However, since this new office is intended to only take one client in the morning and one client in the afternoon, Dr. Lazarof does not expect his clients to come in contact with one another, which helps lessen the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

“It is not like they are going to be exposed to other patients or in danger in any way,” Dr. Lazarof said.

Contact Sargon Dental Today

If you or someone you know needs a full-mouth reconstruction or tooth replacement, reach out to Dr. Lazarof today. Even with clients flying in from all over the world, he has flexible hours and is willing to help his patients in any way possible.

Call his Sunset Plaza office at 818-380-9057, or send a message on his website. You can also check out his Instagram and Facebook pages.

The new Sargon Dental office is located at 8711 Sunset Blvd.

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