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Our Friend and Food Enthusiast, Jenny Bales

Jenny Bales is a frequent visitor and friend of Sunset Plaza. We are always stunned by her beautiful photos and posts on social media.

For Jenny, photography is definitely a passion, but so is food! Her participation in food blog groups such as Best Food LA and Female Foodie has built her a fan following with her trail of mouth-watering images are her enthusiasm in sharing all of her travel and food tasting feats.

We greatly appreciated her feedback on some of our news restaurants at Sunset Plaza: Obica Mozzarella Bar and The Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker.

For an artist, no one quite expressed their passion as they do. Here are a few words from Jenny herself:

“I am a photographer most interested in telling a story, whether it’s through someone’s eyes in their headshot or capturing the moment you want to remember forever. I started out exploring my favorite action sports and documenting them from the perspective of the sport’s enthusiast.”

“Sports give those involved a psychological boost or rush, and it is my intention to capture this moment. Since then, I have explored my love for food and travel and discovered the beauty every person holds within them. Many have inspired me on my journey…This world is filled with endless beauty and opportunity, and I am motivated to capture it. After all, the process is just as enjoyable as the product.”

Coco Chanel once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Jenny, we feel that you truly embody both! Thank you for continually sharing your talent and dreams with those around you! And, thank you for your continued support of Sunset Plaza. We hope to see you around again soon!


Photo credit: Jenny Bales
Link: http://www.jennybalesphoto.com

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