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Our Top Five Favorite Fashion Films

Sunset Plaza is home to several famous boutiques ranging from eclectic fashion for women to sophisticated men’s fashion.  No matter what kind of style you’re looking for, Sunset Plaza has a little something for everyone. We love our fashion retailers because of their passion for their products, and we love fashion films, too. Here are a few of our favorites!

13 going on 30 favorite fashion film

13 Going On 30

This fashion film’s teenage protagonist, Jenna Rink, loves fashion and desperately wants to fit in with her school’s cool clique, the Six Chicks. She invites the Six Chicks and the cutest guys at school to her birthday party, hoping for acceptance. When a game of Seven Minutes in Heaven turns into a crushing betrayal, Jenna makes a wish that transforms her into a “Flirty and Thriving” 30-year-old. Seconds later, she finds herself in a stunning 5th Avenue Manhattan apartment she doesn’t recognize and nearly 20 years older!

Adult-Jenna is an editor at her favorite fashion magazine, Poise, has a gorgeous boyfriend, and is actually friends with an adult Tom-Tom, the leader of the Six Chicks. She got everything that she thought she wanted in life- except she can’t remember the last 17 years of it! With nothing left to do, she goes in search of her best friend Matty, now a struggling photographer living in Greenwich Village. He tells her that they had stopped being friends on the day of her 13th birthday party. Jenna will have to navigate office politics, make amends with Matty and her estranged parents, and fill in the last 17 years before she can ruin her life… for real.

There are plenty of amazing outfits to behold in 13 Going on 30– even Jenna’s nightdress and blazer combo look amazing. We think Gold Hawk Clothing would agree! Check out these other totally amazing looks from the film. Which one is your favorite?

Confessions of a Shopaholicconfessions of a shopaholic favorite fashion film

Becky Bloomwood is a writer for a gardening magazine with dreams of working for the fashion magazine, Alette. She lives in New York City with her best friend, Suze, but Becky has a problem: she’s a shopping addict. When she’s invited to interview with Alette, she thinks about to have her big break, it turns out that they already filled the position internally. In a hilariously ironic turn, they suggest that she applies to the open role at Successful Saving, as it could lead to an eventual position at Alette.

A mishap with a green scarf mid-interview with the editor of Successful Saving sends her running for the door and a night of drunken letter writing and a mix-up lands Becky a job at the financial magazine. When a cashmere coat swindle inspires an article that garners international attention,  she becomes an overnight sensation!

When Becky is forced to join shopaholics anonymous, they make her donate all of her clothes. Things take a turn for the worse when her personal and professional life disintegrate before her eyes. Can she salvage what’s left and pay back her debts before she’s completely out of her depth?

We love that Becky loves accessorizing! Whoever said that a pair of gloves could make or break an outfit was absolutely right!


the devil wears prada favorite fashion filmThe Devil Wears Prada

There should absolutely be no surprise about seeing this movie on our favorite fashion films list. The Devil Wears Prada is one of those iconic fashion films that many aspire to, but few actually become. Andy Sax is a young journalist who desperately wants to work at The Times, but needs professional working experience and a stellar professional reference to follow her dreams. She is offered up to the Editor-and-Chief of Runway magazine, Miranda Priestly, not unlike a sacrificial lamb. At first glance, her new cohort and Miranda’s first assistant, Emily, seems intense, stressed, and generally unpleasant. Mostly, Emily is passionate about fashion- unlike Andy, who has very little interest in it at all. Miranda herself is high-functioning, terrifying, brusque, and demanding, but she’s Andy’s only chance of getting a job as a journalist at The Times. Will Andy be able to survive the crucible that is Miranda Priestly without losing herself along the way?

The designer clothes in this feature are absolutely to die for! The classic silhouettes, timeless shapes, and effortless elegance help them withstand the test of time. It’s part of the reason why this is one of our favorite fashion films! Everyone has their favorite ‘fit from this movie! Which is yours?






legally blonde favorite fashion filmLegally Blonde

Now, before you say, “I object!” To the fact that we’ve put this feature on our list of favorite fashion films, we’ll stop you right there. Have you not looked at Elle Woods’ (amazing) clothes? Did you miss the line where she told Harvard admissions that she was a fashion merchandising major? Did you forget that the reason why Elle solved her first case was her general fashion knowledge? Okay, great. On to the film!

Elle Woods is a beautiful, popular fashion merchandising major and sorority girl whose life was perfect- until her boyfriend, Warner Huntington III dumps her. He’s under the impression that she isn’t “serious” enough to be seen with him- especially since he intends to go to Harvard to become a lawyer. Elle drags herself out of the gutter and decides that she’s going to win Warner back- by attending Harvard Law, too. Elle scores a stunning 179 on her LSAT, and with the help of a compelling admissions video and a 4.0 GPA, she is admitted into Harvard Law.

She packs up her little dog and moves from Southern California to the bitter and blustery East Coast where she’s given a fairly icy reception from her peers. When Warren tells her that he doesn’t think her smart enough to succeed, she realizes that he’s never going to take him seriously. Elle begins applying herself, smashing preconceptions about blondes and proving that she’s worthy of attending Harvard Law. Elle’s loyalty and legal acumen win her the trust and hearts of her peers and professors, while her knowledge of fashion and beauty helps her win her first case.  And she looks amazing while she does it!

Elle has some downright amazing outfits in this film. Do you have a fave?

pretty woman favorite fashion filmPretty Woman

We know that this one isn’t technically a fashion film, but the two Rodeo Drive shopping sprees and all of her amazing outfits turned our hearts!

When Edward Lewis, a New York businessman who buys out struggling companies and sells them for parts, is left high and dry at a business party by his girlfriend who is tired of being his “callgirl”, he takes his lawyer’s sports car and leaves the party in a fit of frustration. Edward accidentally ends up in Hollywood Boulevard’s redlight district where he meets a prostitute named Vivian Ward whom he pays to drive him to his hotel- as he’s having difficulty driving a manual transmission. Impulsively, he hires Vivian for the night and finds her charming- if a little rough around the edges.

He asks her to pretend to be his girlfriend and attend a series of business events with him, all of which are centered around his plans to take over a shipbuilding company. Edward pays Vivian $3000 for this charade and agrees to buy her a new wardrobe. Vivian agrees. Throughout the week, Vivian and Edward’s relationship deepens as they learn more about each other and the worlds that they live in. Though Vivian will have to navigate the trials of formal dining placements and etiquette, Edward’s skeevy lawyer who’s convinced that Vivian is a corporate spy, and some exceptionally rude shopkeepers on Rodeo Drive- there’s really not much she can’t handle with her sunny, opinionated disposition and her amazing sense of style.

Which is your favorite look from Pretty Woman?