8623 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069


At Sunset Plaza, you can find a myriad of services to best fit you and your shopping needs all in one place. From fashion and restaurants to accessories and beauty care, our range of services guarantees a customized and personalized experience for you; where else can you think of that accomplishes this?

Our high level of service can’t be replicated anywhere else because our staff has a service-oriented mindset. We act to best serve you, and we see ourselves as advocates for the different services we represent. This means every service has a knowledgeable approach; we are the experts in these fields, and you won’t find the same level of expertise elsewhere. We can guarantee that you will be blown away by how insightful we are about the services that we provide.

With this service-based approach, each of our designer shops and boutiques, sidewalk cafes with al fresco dining, luxury spas and personal training centers and other businesses guarantee the best shopping experience you will ever receive. Trust us, you won’t find all of your shopping needs with the kind of service we provide anywhere else.