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Shay’s Sunglass Collection Featuring Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook Sunglasses

Have you seen the latest lookbook from our friend Shay Mitchell?

Shannon “Shay” Mitchell, actress, model, entrepreneur and author best known for her role as Emily Fields in the series “Pretty Little Liars,” is a serious eyewear connoisseur!

Check out her latest #youtubeshay where she models sunglasses from Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook including the Bottega Veneta, Celine, Dior, Dita, Eyevan, Jacques Marie Mage, Max Pittion, Saint Laurent and Fendi sunglasses (pictured below).

This clip throws a spotlight on Shay’s sunglasses collection, featuring sunglasses from Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook. Shots of her gorgeous face without shades bookend the experience.

Browse these stunning looks at Dan Deutsch Optical Outlook Sunset Plaza or other locations or check us out on our website: https://dandeutschopticaloutlook.com. Which one is YOUR favorite?

Dan Deutsch has been styling the who’s who of Los Angeles since he first opened his doors in 1969. He has taken the simple motto, that “glasses are jewelry to the face and the conviction that: “eyewear defines who you are” from his youthful beginnings all the way to his role today, directing the largest independent chain of retail eyewear stores in the Los Angeles area.

He serves as a frequent consultant not only to film and television studios but also to eyewear designers and manufacturers. You might find him traveling the world scouring for the latest and best glasses or you just might find him in one of his eight shops, fitting customers one-on-one. He has fit heads of state; music icons (Cher, Madonna, Ella, Justin), Hollywood movers and shakers and anyone who cares about looking good. We are so happy to have his one-of-a-kind collection of glamorous eyewear at Sunset Plaza!

Shay Mitchell enjoys stopping by and visiting Dan. They had such a blast at the West 3rd St shop the other day. What an all-around awesome person! How fun is this Instagram video she made:

Shay, thanks for the visit and the Insta-love. You rock!

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