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Spend the Perfect Spa Day with Us

Ah, a spa day! There’s nothing better than stepping away from the hustle and bustle to give yourself a well-deserved break. Sunset Plaza is the place to be when you want to score the perfect spa day!

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Start the Day with a Massage

Start with a luxury massage (and facial) at Ole Henreksin Spa by ordering a spa ritual package, a signature face treatment, or a tranquility package. Ole Henreksin offers a wide selection of chemical peels, as well. If you’re on a budget, we suggest heading to the Golden Ocean Spa for a massage package of your choice that will ease tense muscles into perfect relaxation.

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Continue Your Spa Experience with a Facial

If you skipped the facial at Ole Henreksin, you might want to consider heading over to The Jessica Clinic. She has a number of incredible facial packages to choose from. The Skin Refresher will give your face a new lease on life when you’re on the go while her Flawless Complexion package will extract dirt and oil, soothe redness, and reduce inflammation.

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Nails, Nails, Nails!

While you’re at it, take care of your nails at The Jessica Clinic with Jessica’s Signature “Nail Cultivation” Manicure and the ZenSpa Pedicure. She even does nail art and broken nail repair for an additional cost! Top off your visit with a waxing to remove any pesky, unwanted body hair. Salon Industrie also offers nail services, too- if they’re where you’re headed for your next hair cut!

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Upgrade Your Face

Hit up Alchemy 43 for micro treatments that will have you kissing blemishes, wrinkles, and tired eyes goodbye! Refresh your look with their Finely Tuned treatment which will get you looking like your favorite FaceTune edits! They also offer a selection of chemical peels and wellness shots for your perusal.

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Clip Any Split Ends

Now, we’re feeling refreshed! If you’re due for a trim, Sunset Plaza has some incredible hair stylists on deck. The Sunset Plaza Salon is an obvious go-to, but you might want to consider Salon Industrie which offers haircuts, color, treatments, and extensions! Koji Toyoda Salon is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a full-service hair menu and specialized hair treatments like Japanese hair straightening! For just a blowout, hit up Drybar to snag those envious beach waves! 

Koji Toyoda Salon and Entourage Barbershop offer hair services for men. For buzzes and fades, Spike at Entourage is the man to see. Both Koji Toyoda and Entourage offer men’s grooming services that include beard trims and more!

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Make-Up for Lost Time!

Now that we’re feeling revitalized from the inside out- it’s time for the finishing touch: make-up! Ditch your make-up bag, and have a professional take care of your face so you can continue resting and relaxing all day long! Koji Toyoda and Blushington offer top-notch make-up services, so stop on in to complete your stunning spa day make-over!

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