8623 W. Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

The Best Restaurants to Visit While Shopping At Sunset Plaza: A Guide to the Top-Rated Restaurants


Los Angeles is abuzz with activity and a great place to shop until you drop. Top places, such as Sunset Plaza, will give you an experience that you will never find elsewhere in this world. As you go about your business, you may want a bite to pump up your energy or to simply make you feel good. Where can you dine in Los Angeles? The following are some of the top-rated restaurants to visit while shopping at Sunset Plaza:

  • Le Petit Four

Are you a fan of French dishes, or are you curious to try them for the first time? Le Petit Four will never disappoint you. Located at the Sunset Plaza shopping mall in the heart of Los Angeles, this restaurant offers a Cali-French menu. The exquisite restaurant has long been a landmark for both locals and visitors. It is frequently seen and featured as an iconic “LA spot” in films and television, and definitely for a good reason. Visit it once, and you will keep going back just to get a taste of their mouth-watering dishes.

The terrific team at the restaurant is something to talk about. The employees here will treat you as family, allowing you to enjoy your meals in a loving environment.

And if you come in driving, there is parking at the facility, so you are sorted.

  • Sushiya on Sunset

You can walk into this top sushi bar at Sunset Plaza for a finger-licking dish. It is one of the most innovative sushi bars that you can think of! Do you want to experience the taste of Asian dishes? Walk in here and pick a variation of Asian-influenced dishes from their menu. If you are here for new experiences, talk to their knowledgeable staff, and they will guide you on what to expect with various Japanese and Asian dishes. If you enjoy American dishes, you will still find something to appreciate here. Beef medallions, poultry, and New York strip steaks are included in their menu.

If you don’t have time to sit at the restaurant to enjoy your meal, you can go for a pickup. The restaurant offers delivery, takeout, and curbside pickup services to allow you to enjoy your meal at home.

  • Tocaya Modern Mexican

This is a popular eatery among lovers of casual Mexican dishes. The restaurant features a wide range of plant-forward dishes for healthy living. Their versatile menu is based on traditional Mexican recipes that also accommodate a variety of preferences, such as gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian. So, everyone is covered here! The Mexican dishes are made using high-quality ingredients combined with signature flavors that characterize Mexican dishes. They offer salads, bowls, tacos, and burritos, which you can enjoy in a casual setting. So, after your shopping spree at Sunset Plaza, drop by and enjoy the best Mexican dishes in an ambient environment, surrounded by supportive employees and happy people.

There you have it! These are among the restaurants that you can visit while at Sunset Plaza or any other part of Los Angeles. Enjoy!