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Welcoming Mac & Kelly to Sunset Plaza

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Sunset Plaza – it’s where history has been made time and time again in all industries, from entertainment to food to music to fashion. It yields visitors from all over the world and attracts savvy business owners, including chefs and designers. A new addition to Sunset Plaza is Mac & Kelly, a fashion brand owned and operated by renowned model Christiana Kelly.

Early Beginnings

Christiana’s initial experience with fashion and design came at a young age. Quite a young age, in fact – she first touched a sewing machine at two years old, and her mother taught her the basics when she was five.

“I used to get the thread so tangled,” she recalls. “Still do.”

During her childhood, her family brought her shopping, where she saw all the different fabrics and clothing styles. She’d feel everything and note the texture, the way the different pieces hung and sat, the way they flowed. She developed an almost uncanny ability to identify fabrics by simply looking or touching them.

At 13 years old, Christiana recreated her first pair of jeans, seeking to emulate a pair that Farrah Fawcett sported in a poster. To her surprise, her classmates were keenly interested in the jeans when she wore them, and they pestered her with questions about where she got them and how much they cost.

“I was embarrassed because I didn’t want to say we were poor and I just made them,” she admits.

Christiana began her modeling career at age 11 and eventually traveled internationally to work with top designers. Over time, she became involved with real estate and interior design, often at the urging of friends and associates. All of these interests collided perfectly to form Mac & Kelly.

Opening at Sunset Plaza

mac & kelly interior
Mac & Kelly as seen from the VIP room.

In October 2021, Christiana opened her Mac & Kelly concept store at Sunset Plaza. It transitioned from a soft open to full-time as 2022 dawned. Given the rich history of Sunset Plaza, it made sense that she should gravitate towards West Hollywood. She’d previously modeled in Los Angeles and is perfectly aware of the allure of Sunset.

Her vision for the store is for it to be more than merely a store – yes, there are clothes and accessories, but that isn’t all. She hosted Love Conquers Records for an album release event and plans to have more similar events in the future, including jam sessions and other release parties.

“Remembering when we were kids and you could just stop by your best friend’s house without knocking, just being welcome – I want everyone to feel that here,” she says.

Christiana comes from a creative family and has been involved in the Seattle music scene for some years. A framed guitar sits at the top of the stairs to the VIP room, while portraits of bands and musicians adorn the walls; other shots feature models wearing the brand and depictions of styles throughout the years.

She features various items in the store that were made by friends or by associates who own businesses. It helps her keep everything all in the family and lets customers know that there is a definite connection between herself and everything inside Mac & Kelly.

Products at Mac & Kelly

jackets at mac & kelly

Available items at Mac & Kelly

What separates Christiana’s items from others? To laymen who aren’t familiar with the details of fabrics and design, it’s a simple answer: the fits.

All of her items, from jackets and jeans to shirts and belts, are crafted to fit real bodies, not mannequins. They’re made with comfort and movement in mind. The jeans are snug and won’t ride; the skinnies aren’t skin-tight as tube socks; the women’s belts go up to a size 32. Her clothing is a favorite across generations – she’s created custom pieces for men and women in their 20s and in their 60s.

For those who pay attention to design, they’ll understand the work that goes into each item and the quality of the fabrics. Everything is hand-finished – a rarity these days, as many producers opt for laser-finishing. There’s a more personal touch to hand-finished items, even if they take longer to complete. The crosshatch denim is designed to last a lifetime, as are the belts made with Canadian leather. Christiana has also used Japanese denim for some of her jeans.

“I always aim to have everything made in America,” she says. There’s a point of pride about keeping the brand local.

As of right now, Mac & Kelly offers 15 styles of jeans and 5 styles of jackets. She features brands that complement her own so that clients and customers can piece together their own iconic looks. Because of her extensive background modeling, she has the ability to blend styles from across the world and country. The fashion preferences of those in New York differ from those in Los Angeles, but Christiana is acutely aware of what appeals to both.

Mac & Kelly in West Hollywood is a concept store; she has a showroom in Dallas and Seattle, as well. If you’re shopping elsewhere in the country, you might find her styles present in select stores in Texas, Washington, New York, and Michigan, to name a few.


Christiana’s vision is to create a community hub for everyone who appreciates music, art, fashion, and more. If a client requests a custom piece, they can come in, visit the VIP room upstairs, unwind, have a drink, and escape the mania for a bit.

To bring people together, Mac & Kelly has to be more than a store. It has to embody the spirit that Christiana possesses and let everyone feel welcome and comfortable. After numerous successful ventures, crafting a new home in West Hollywood is next on the list, and she hopes to be a staple for many.

Visiting Sunset Plaza

If you want to see what makes Mac & Kelly special for yourself, you’ll have to visit the store on Sunset Plaza at 8669 Sunset Blvd. Stop by and see what’s appealing! And while you’re on the Sunset Strip, take some time to visit other stores, grab a bite to eat, and take in the sights. There’s only one Sunset Plaza!

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