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What Are Boutiques? How Are They Different from Stores?

Let’s face it – we all shop. Whether it’s for clothes, shoes, accessories or something else, shopping is a vital part of our lives. You probably even have a favorite store or two that you visit repeatedly. But have you ever asked yourself “what are boutiques?” Maybe you pondered how a boutique differs from a normal store. Let’s find out the key differences between these two.

What Are Boutiques?

Though the term “boutique” is often substituted for “store” – in fact, “boutique” is French for “store” – they are not the same.

Boutiques have several characteristics that separate them from their counterparts. The first is size, and the second is the inventory.

Most are small privately-owned shops that offer upscale, specialized products, such as clothes, jewelry and shoes. Because they are so small, boutiques have to really think hard about what products they can offer customers in their limited space.

More often than not, boutiques sell these goods at higher prices because they are so unique and fit a niche market. You can often find many boutiques at malls.

Another key difference is that boutiques exist to offer a more charming, personal experience for customers. Customers can often get one-on-one assistance at a boutique.

If anything, think of boutiques as a specialized type of retail store that fits a niche market with specialized products and more personal customer service. Though there is less variety at a boutique, the products will usually be of higher quality and price.

A normal store, on the other hand, can range in its size, products and location. Stores can be owned by major corporations, and they can sell their vast number of products for much cheaper since they are usually bought in mass production. Stores are also a lot more informal and often serve as quick ways to grab your products and go.

Where Did they Come From?

Boutiques became popular places for designer clothes and accessories throughout the 1960s. They sprung up all over Paris, London and New York, though there are some cases as early at the 1920s in Paris.

Boutiques were particularly popular with the youth, as they were considered a place to hang out and see new fashion. Many considered them as a store between haute couture houses and department stores.

As they became more and more popular, they formed a more prominent space in the fashion world where they still exist to this day.

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