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Wonderful Women of the Met Gala

This Wonderful Woman Wednesday, we are celebrating not just one, but several inspiring and beautiful women that we spotted at the Met Gala. Though the age-old adage reminds us “there’s more to a person than meets the eye,” there was certainly a lot for the eye to take in with the stunning styles worn by these women from the bold to the classic to the “out-of-this-world.” But we also learned a few striking facts about these accomplished women which once again proved the wisdom of the aforementioned adage. Browse these winning looks and learn more about the woman underneath:

Hailey is quite the multi-talent. She spent her summers during high school at the prestigious American Ballet Theatre school where she pursued her passion for the traditional formal style of ballet.

Gigi encompasses brains and beauty. In addition to pursuing a highly successful modeling career, she studies criminal psychology at The New School in New York.

All of us have different interests and hobbies! One of Behati’s favorites is photography, and she is a big fan of Helmut Newton.

Selena not only devotes her attention to rescue dogs but also to global humanitarian efforts. In August of 2009, Selena, at the age of 17, became the youngest UNICEF ambassador ever!

Do you have a favorite? Who is your inspiration? Feel free to share your thoughts by commenting!

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